No Shoes Required

Twisted Colossus copy

So, my son and his cousins were able to ride the newly revamped, Twisted Colossus, ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but not me. No way, Jose, no how!! If it was just a minor face-lift or adjustment, maybe I could’ve. This roller coaster used to consist of very bumpy hills that had somewhat steep drops that varied throughout the track. It was jerky and shaky, but mild compared to the other newer rides. I was proud that I was able to partake in that particular ride. Sadly, when the loops and twists have now been added and are now what makes up the majority of the roller coaster, that’s where I draw the line. I know my limitations, and I also recognize that I’m not a youngster anymore.

It was a Friday, and I was well-prepared in anticipation of the tourist summer crowd. To my pleasant surprise, the Lord shined down a blessing unto us. Not crowded at all!!! That meant I actually had elbow room and didn’t have to walk through people mazes to get from point A to point B. I could’ve cried.

Getting back to the newly revamped ride: Although, I always have and still do suffer from motion sickness, I was at least able to try the roller coasters in my younger years. Through the years, I’ve gained more experience, to put it mildly, and accept the fact that I am now that Mom who sits and waits for her kids to exit the ride(s), and also walks aimlessly around the amusement park whilst soaking up the atmosphere of excitement in the relentless heat wave! Really, just think about it, people stand in long-ass lines for short-lived rides. They’re mostly dying from dehydration, and on the verge of heat-strokes, just for a cheap adrenaline rush!! That’s just cray-cray insane!! Alright, alright – I can still remember that rush of adrenaline feeling from when I was younger. Suffer that I did, with the heat, sweat, thirst and sore feet, it was all worth the wait. After I made sure that my son and my nieces had enough cash for food, etc. to last throughout their stay, I made my slow escape. I was able to enjoy a nice lunch in an air-conditioned restaurant still within the park. As I got closer to the exit, and remembered it’s freakin’ HOT, the local Cold Stone Creamery Parlor caught my attention. Of course I had to stop and go inside, duh! I ordered one of my favorites, and thoroughly savored Cookie Minster in a small cup. It was soooo yummily refreshing! I finally made my grand escape and ran errands.

X2 No Shoes copy

What’s this?? No shoes?? Is my son trying to be funny or just cooling off his panting dogs? I also wanted to know why, out of all his choices, he chose to wear socks with holes in them, or did he get holes in his socks from the heat through his shoes? Nah, he must’ve been messing with Mom, right? To my dismay, this texted shoeless-wonder photo was no joke. He actually lost both his shoes while on the ride “X2”!! Although he tried to brave through the rest of the day by wearing only socks, the heat from the asphalt was too excruciating and painful. It took a passerby to tell him to buy some flip-flops from the gift shop. Throughout the rest of his Six Flags adventure, my son donned his new “California” logo flip-flops paired with his socks, holes and all! At least the tops of his feet were protected from the sun. Aren’t shoes overrated anyway?

Time to be picked up. After enduring a very hot, but fun-filled day, they were told to come back at 10:30 p.m. to search through all the lost shoes. I told them to never mind that suggestion. I could only imagine the mounds of shoes lost for the day! Nonetheless, he got a new pair of tennis shoes the following day. So, the lesson learned: when you go on the ride “X2”, you are given the option and opportunity to remove your shoes prior to boarding. Like Nike’s slogan says, “Just do it!!”

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