The Senses

I miss living closer to beaches, and being able to go to my favorite on a whim’s notice. My calm place of serenity. I miss my family and friends. I have missed out on several gatherings because of financial restraints. I am grateful for the family and friends near me now, but it’s not the same. I am not the same.

Annual Pass

screenshot_20200110-004804_photoshop express774115255760243393..jpg

A year ago, which I can’t believe!! . . Resting my weary legs and old, aching back in between rides at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Although, this is more than likely an accidental picture taken, I like how the trees cast shadows to provide shade on that warm, Southern California day.

The Gathering

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The pier, it is a place where people like to gather.  You can gather your thoughts and evaluate your life.  The experience can be self transforming,  Walking its planks while absorbing the ocean scene, the sandy beach, the seagulls and its breathtaking surroundings is one of life’s simple pleasures.  Listening to the roaring sounds of the ocean waves methodically calms your soul.  The scent of salt in the air brings about a refreshing change or outlook on just about anything that ails you.  Indulgence without guilt.

Sunset Therapy

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Captured this while my boyfriend was driving, rather racing, towards one of my favorite spots for sunsets.  I don’t know what it is about sunsets, but I absolutely love them.  Admittedly, I love the variation of colors in the sky, the cloud formations, the natural surroundings that make sunsets look like the poster child for pure perfection.  If ever having a challenging day, being able to catch and admire a sunset is one of the best therapeutic tools to utilize, and for free.  Stop, absorb the goodness, process your thoughts and stay in the calm.


Another Day Gone

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Restless night, as usual. Woke up with a slight feeling of apprehension.  A new day with a purpose, but with a bit of anxiety.  As the morning progressed into early afternoon, the overwhelming feelings of emotions swept over me.  Unexpected tears welled up in my eyes, then quickly ran down my face.  This occurred off and on throughout the afternoon.  The events that lead up to this do not really matter.  Things just happen when they’re supposed to, and are usually out of my control.  It was quite cathartic.  For now, the sun has set, and is ready for a new day tomorrow.


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What is it about this snowy scene that makes everything seem to be serene, beautiful and at peace.  Why can’t life be continuously like this photo?  Guessing that the monotony would become drab and lifeless, so we get thrown challenges and obstacles our way when least expected, or maybe when we do expect them. As a 70 year old psychic once told me, I seem to have a life of mountains that I climb and conquer, but I don’t stay on top of for long.  I tend to look for another mountain to climb, and start over again.  I’m not a mountain climbing extremest at all . . Not even a fan of heights.  Being grounded and staying grounded should be priority.  Am I trying to convince myself . . I don’t know, just maybe.

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