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What is it about this snowy scene that makes everything seem to be serene, beautiful and at peace.  Why can’t life be continuously like this photo?  Guessing that the monotony would become drab and lifeless, so we get thrown challenges and obstacles our way when least expected, or maybe when we do expect them. As a 70 year old psychic once told me, I seem to have a life of mountains that I climb and conquer, but I don’t stay on top of for long.  I tend to look for another mountain to climb, and start over again.  I’m not a mountain climbing extremest at all . . Not even a fan of heights.  Being grounded and staying grounded should be priority.  Am I trying to convince myself . . I don’t know, just maybe.

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One thought on “Rediscovery

  1. Many things look beautiful from a distance but can be really ugly up close. For example, in the distance somewhere in that snowy scene could be a coyote tearing a rabbit apart. Life is like that. Even people are like that. I think that it is equally important to see the beauty while also understanding that distance can often hide ugly truths.

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