The Compliments

Over-worked, short-staffed, body aches, and very tired.  Oh, but this just describes another day in my life while at my day/night job (I mean, my career).  Lord only knows how I keep my sanity!

Rewind to a few days ago.  I was having a conversation with my teenage son about planning my next transition into a new career.  If all goes smoothly, this will happen next year when I turn the big 5-0.  I’m excited with anticipation, looking forward to new challenges, experiences and meeting new people.  I don’t know how else to explain it, but I feel like I’m going to get a new toy or something.  Better yet, the feeling of being told to go on a shopping spree without a budget!  YES!!  So, my son tells me that I’d be perfect at my next career job because I’m so professional.  Compliment number one of the week!  Basically, my son is referring to my office voice, which both my sons make fun of on the rare occasion.  What I do well at, is being able to lose my SoCal Valley Girl slang, and actually annunciate the verbiage coming out of my man-pleaser (I mean my pie-hole) while I am at work, or on the phone at home conducting business.  Shut up!!  I know, right??!!

Fast forward to last night.  Again, over-worked, very tired, achy, etc., you get the picture.  A co-worker enters the office, and we all make small talk.  After sharing my anticipation of a career move, he, yes I said HE, was surprised of my age!  He gave me the scrunching-eyebrow-raising look, and preceded to tell me that he thought I was ten years younger than my actual age.  Compliment number two!!  I never feel the need to lie about my age because it’s just a number.  I’m young at heart and of mind.  My sons tease me about liking music that teenaged girls would like.  To that I say, “Damn straight!”  It’s my body’s joints that need a good oiling for better mobility and to stop the cracking sounds.  Hell, I’ll admit it, Ben Gay can be a lifesaver!

Today’s lesson and a reminder to everyone, kind words and out-of-the-blue compliments can make someone happy inside.  As you can see, it works wonders for me!

Peace, love and Bobby Sherman. ❤

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5 thoughts on “The Compliments

  1. Hi,
    Your writing is very relatable. We all feel that way at times. I could relate to the big 5-0, feeling tired, etc. However, I was confused about the Bobby Sherman reference. Was he the singer in the days of the Partridge Family? I was a huge fan. I think I heard he died. Thank you for liking my comment on the Meet and Greet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Janice!
      Thank you for your nice comment. Yes, the same Bobby Sherman from the 1970’s, but not on the Partridge Family. (If he passed, I wasn’t aware 😦 ) That was David Cassidy. Wow, I’m showing my age, lol! I thought he was so cute back in the day. “Peace, Love & Bobby Sherman” is just a random closing. Rather than just “Peace, Love & Harmony”. I hope this makes sense.

      It’s nice to meet you, Janice. Thanks for stopping by!

      ~ Corinne


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